Getting Followed. (Spain)

NothingWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! I went out to explore the area and all i can say is there is.. nothing. Absolutely, nothing. I drove and drove and all i could find was sand and mountains. Although there are some good photo opportunities. To me the area looks like somewhere Courage The Cowardly Dog would live. What makes this situation more like the show is the fact a woman in the row of pitches next to me is charging for haircuts out of her motorhome. If you too have watched the show then you know what i mean by she’s giving me “Fred” vibes. No way i’m letting her come anywhere near my hair!

I found a town not too far away, practically a ghost town if you ask me. And in this little town.. i got followed. Continue reading

Gandalf?! (Spain: Fortuna Hot Spa)

FortunaWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! Not the best arrival to a camp I’ve had. Not the worst either. As I’ve been pitching up all I’ve heard all morning is this man who appeared out of the blue waving his hands in the air yelling in broken English, “YOU SHALL NOT PARK!!” At this woman many rows down. I overheard her say she wasn’t parking but needed to reverse to drive out he kept yelling the same thing over and over. “YOU SHALL NOT PARK, YOU. SHALL. NOT. PARK!!!” Who does this guy think he is? Gandalf?! Continue reading

Ghost Town (Spain)

GhosttownWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! I’ve made up my thoughts on Portugal, how it’s not for me but, I’ve been staying at each of these campsites not because i wanted to but because others kept recommending me these areas. Before i left for Portugal others kept telling me “Oh you’ll love blah-blah-blah!” And so on. None of the campsites so far have been my taste. I feel like if i would have stuck to my own path then i would have enjoyed myself much more than going off of others recommendations. With that said there’s a whole lot of Portugal i still have yet to see and would love to visit again only next time taking my own route. Portugal does have it’s pretty moments, the lovely sunsets and beaches you can stay at for hours watching the sun go down. Even i’m not a beach-person and i found it quite pleasant. And the fruit and vegetables is mouth watering.. Never tasted anything so fresh. I swear i have bought a good ninety person of it to take over to Spain. I would stop by Portugal again just for the vegetables. But remember, everyone has their own ideas of what they like vs dislike. That is up for you to decide whether you like here or not.

As of where i am right now i stuck to my word and am in Spain where i can stock up on free-from. Been on two campsites in Spain and both have been nothing worth posting about. The first one was directly next to what looked like a ghost town no word of a lie. There were tire tracks and footprints everywhere but hardly anyone. Continue reading

Pool Closes At Five? (Portugal)

workWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! a small part of me didn’t want to leave that campsite but i felt best if i travelled onwards. This campsite, called “Turiscampo” was recommended to me by many people. Said how “Great” it was so i thought i’d see what all the hype was about. No longer than a minute on camp and a couple two pitches away from me were reversing onto their pitch. Nothing wrong, right? a member of staff on a golf cart comes along. He has more than enough room to drive past, he even has an empty pitch he can drive on but no, in a horrid/angered attitude I overhear him yelling at the Continue reading

Prawns and beaches. (Portugal)

beachselfieWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! Third day, still on the same campsite and far, far away from that last one.. This one, (Costa do vizir) has such a better feel to it. The receptionist was very nice, spoke beyond wonderful English. There are many bungalows or pitches to choose from. If any of you mad minded zombiez come this way you should give this place a try. It’s directly next to a beach which is only a ten minute drive down the road. If you keep following the road theres a shop nearby, Continue reading

“Travellers” Stole my van, raided the second then robbed my car.

TunnelWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! I know i said i would stay at that campsite but yesterday afternoon i drove around getting to see what fun things there is do when i spotted a very large camp of “Travelers” ten minutes down the road from the campsite i’m staying on. I wasn’t spooked or shook up but it did make me reconsider. In case you don’t know or if i haven’t mentioned it before, years ago i had travellers steal my families van and bump it in a ditch, empty. Years later i had travellers raid my entire van, they took almost everything. Cameras, jewellery, the tv, even stuffed toys.. i mean really? Stuffed toys of no value? They have no shame is all i can say. Continue reading

First Time In Portugal!

RoadWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! Warmer today.. or well, to me it is. To the Spanish it’s a mild day but to British standers it’s a hot summers day. What I’m trying to say is everyone’s wearing winter jackets while I’m standing around in a vest and jeans. This is my very first time in Portugal! I’ve heard so much about it from friends and family alike and said the next time I’m this way I’d go and check it out. I’ve wanted to visit Portugal for some time now and finally the wait is over. So far the campsite I’m staying on is bigger than the last one but then again, it only has thirty pitches so it may be bigger but its most certainly not “Big.” This is only the first day, first campsite and first area so of course i can’t make up my mind on it just yet. Continue reading