Nush Yogurt. // Gluten-Free And Dairy-Free Yogurts.

Whatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! While shopping i came across this delicious gluten-free and dairy-free yogurt. Before i knew i was a celiac i loved having a yogurt after a meal but obviously that soon ended.. I’ve tried many dairy-free/gluten-free yogurts and all of them have either tasted like spoonful’s pure sugar in my mouth, or sour with a sickly aftertaste.. but not this one. I’ve spent money on a pot of yogurt that’s smaller than my pinky finger, but for once.. this one is actually a good size. I took a photograph of it in my hand so you can see for yourself. They give you a good portion, it isn’t sickly or leaves a bad aftertaste. I would have to say if someone were to put a blindfold on me and got me to try this i would never say that it’s dairy-free/gluten-free.. it’s just too tasty. Not to mention it’s also vegan-friendly. Continue reading

Devil May Cry Fanart. // Vergil X Dante.

Whatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! It appears WordPress has updated, which is good in some ways.. but not when it comes down to me accidently deleting a post on mistake.. never mind. This portrait was stashed away along with my other private portraits, concept arts, projects and other.. but what the hell, i’m going to post it. It’s only the one portrait out of many so i don’t mind just this once. I was inspired by the new Devil May Cry trailer, i used to be a fan of dmc but forgot all about it… the second i saw the new trailer it gave me a quick flashback. In fact i still have the soundtrack buried deep on my old playlist. I dug it out not that long ago and have been blasting out Combichrist and Noisia ever since. The dmc reboot has the best soundtrack.. or at least, in my option it does. Being reminded, since then i have become a more confident as an artist so i just had to draw some fanart. This has been sitting in my stash for weeks.. It’s been a long time for me since i last used digital art. Four?.. Six years, perhaps? I’ve never picked up anything involving digital art for six years so i am of course to learning it all over again.. but still, considering all that and how rusty i am, its not bad. Continue reading


Whatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! Today is my birthday! Well.. yesterday was my birthday. The sixteenth of November to be exact. I’m keeping this post short. It was a very chilled out day.. For once i felt stress-free, haven’t had that in months what with everything that’s happened this year.. If you don’t know what i’m talking about then check the last post, it explains it all in further detail but Anywho, enough of those bad vibes. You know it’s your birthday when you wake up with a tasty piece of cake for breakfast. I’d be lying if i said i didn’t unlock my jaw like an anaconda trying to eat it all hahaha. As you zombiez may or may not know i don’t throw parties on my birthday, i tend to spend them alone. Sounds bizarre when i say it out loud but it’s one of my strange birthday tradition’s. Hell.. Another year older eh? Feel’s surreal to me.. this year has gone by fast. In only a few week’s it’s Christmas then new year’s eve.. Next year there’s a lot of stuff i want to do and am hoping to achieve with time.

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Thing’s Haven’t Been Going My Way.. But That’s Ok.

Whatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!!  Ignore the aesthetic photograph.. i took it on a walk and thought it would fit quite well.

Things.. haven’t been going my way this year… i know every year has its ups and downs but this year in particular? There has been more downs than ups. First this year i have been ill and not spoke about it, not “Flu” or “Common cold” ill, i mean i was stuck in a wheelchair for months on end, there was a lot of trips to the hospital and back.. my doctor says i can’t have any more stress, anything that stresses me out i have to get away from as quickly as possible.. anyway, the details to that story isn’t important right now, i’m just glad its over. Then, later on in this year when i was better i discovered that my own friends were stealing from me.. on top of that i received some news by, (not gonna say who) about how my friends were taking drugs.. One by one either my so called “Friends” have either stolen from me, others.. or have turned to drugs. At first i didn’t want to believe it just because of how long i’d known them for.. Continue reading

The Clock Went Off When I Walked Past.. + Roadtrip Photos.


STAIRZZ.JPGWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! I really needed to get outta the house.. so I’ve been going on a couple a roadtrip’s, and long walks to clear my head. Here are a few random photographs i took over the short period. Oh, on one of the roadtrip’s i went to an old Victorian house, you could choose to either go with the tour or go by yourself.. i went on my own because i wanted to explore. Everything was alright at first.. but then things started getting strange for me.. Apparently some bad stuff happened in that house, without going far into it there was a man who got diagnosed with something bad.. and so, he shoot himself. This was years ago back in 1940. The women who worked there said he did it in the “Blue Room” as she described it. Upstairs, out of all the rooms i admired the blue room the most… Directly outside of the blue room was a staircase.. i thought a staircase photo would look nice, so i snapped a quick photo then continued to the rest of the house, in part of the house was a long hallway, at the end of the hallway was a grand clock with a bench where two women who worked there sat on followed by a door leading to the next room beside it, other than that it was empty. I walked down the hall where the two women were deep in chat, not paying attention to me. The second i walked past that clock it went off randomly beside me and the two women jumped out of their skin and looked at me as if i just did something paranormal.. Continue reading


HALLOWEEN2018.jpgWhatz up zombiez? MAD MIA HERE!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Halloween this year wasn’t the best for me.. On November first i’m counting down the minutes until the next Halloween! But this year i just wasn’t feeling it, which is strange.. even for me. I think it’s because a lot of plans got cancelled last minute.. wish i could have done more but, either way of course i got dressed up. And no, i am not wearing contact lenses, my eyes turn into a cold grey at night. Not the makeup i originally wanted to wear.. i was going to wear makeup involving spikes but lost most of my sfx makeup last minute so i had to improvise. In a panic i wore makeup inspired by a satanic goth and by Alessia from silent hill, the movie version where she is covered in ash. Its similar to the makeup i wore last wear but again, i was in a rush because of losing half of my sfx makeup.. still think it turned out nice despite the circumstances. I didn’t take many photos so as a bonus here is a picture of my Alice: Madness Returns Hysteria-Mode cosplay. Continue reading

Meet My New Roommate! Viktor.

Whatz up zombieVICTORWTAGGSz? MAD MIA HERE!! Happy Halloween!! I will make another Halloween post soon but for now. Ordered something special online and at long last.. it turned up today. Can you guess what is inside of the box?.. and if you guessed a body then you are correct!! Well.. kinda, hahaha. Googling my usual strange stuff i came across a five-foot life-size poseable full skeleton. Its plastic of course, You can order these from Wilko for £40, but i purchased exactly the same one at Asda for only £25. It had a little bit of dust and dirt on it when i opened up the box but saying that its been sitting in their storage because not many people were buying them. All apart that when i dusted it off it came it mint condition. It is exactly how i thought it would be. I only wish the fingers where adjustable.. Without further ado, i would like to introduce you zombiez to my new roommate, Viktor. Continue reading